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Developer Tips

Basic, fundamental tips about working and studying, as a Java Developer. Maybe they apply to you too. :: goto

Install Ubuntu Linux on Dell Laptop

I purchased a Dell laptop November 2020. Laptop specs and photos of every install screen. :: goto

Design Patterns - Creational

Creational Patterns are concerned with the style, approach and rules of creating new objects. "Provide an interface for creating families of related or dependent objects without specifying their concrete classes." :: goto

Design Patterns - Structural

Structural Patterns organize classes and objects into a system that focuses on a specific goal to be achieved at compile time; the structure itself is important. "Adapt the interface of a class to match the interface that the client expects." :: goto

Design Patterns - Behavioral

Lorem Ipsum :: goto

Using the Debugger in Eclipse

When I started as a Java Developer, I rarely made use of the debugger in Eclipse. I had vague memories of using a debugger in my undergrad in a class on the Pascal programming language back in the 90's. I can't tell you about the debugger I used, and I can't even tell you if I used an IDE for that class. :: goto

Some Shortcut Tips for Eclipse for Java Devs

#1 Shortcut Tips for Using Eclipse Here are some shortcuts in Eclipse for Java developers. It took me many years to gather these shortcuts, and I have not seen them described elsewhere. Other Java Devs have been loath to share these, but I am not. :: goto

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